Westminster ESC  School TransportSchool Transport.

Special bus transport is available upon application to the W.A. Public Transport Authority (School Bus Services).  We are happy to support all applications.

Information for parents of students traveling on the Public Transport Authority’s School Bus Services

When your child/children have been granted a place on the School Bus Services, you will be notified by the Public Transport Authority of:


The AM pick-up time


The PM drop home time


The Driver’s name and contact telephone number

Please write down this information when it is given to you and keep it somewhere safe, including Family I.D.  If at any time your child/children will not be attending school, it is requested that you notify the Driver as soon as possible so he does not call unnecessarily.

Once your child/children have been formally placed on the school bus system they must bring written permission from you if they are not traveling home on the bus.  If written permission is not received at the Centre, your child/children will be placed on the bus as usual.

Your child/children are to be ready and waiting outside the front of their home    5 minutes before pick-up time in the mornings.

It is the children’s responsibility to exercise self-discipline and to behave themselves and remain seated during the journey on the bus.  If bad behaviour is reported to this Centre, children can, and will, be suspended from using the bus for a period of time.  Please discuss this with your child/children.

If you have any queries regarding the bus service please call the School Office during office hours (see page 2 for times) or visit website www.schoolbuses.wa.gov.au