Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

This is a whole-school framework that helps create a positive learning environment for students. This is achieved through a system that defines, teaches and supports appropriate student behaviours.
Westminster ESC is working towards becoming a PBS school. We will provide a framework to implement the best evidence based practices that allows the improvement of academic and behaviour outcomes for all students.
There is a dedicated PBS team appointed in the school, however, the entire staff at Westminster ESC are committed and will be involved in the design and implementation of PBS in our school.
‘Our purpose, through a consultative process is to develop a whole school common language that teaches and re-inforces expected behaviour in a positive and supportive learning environment to encourage success for all students.’
The Positive Behaviour Support framework we are implementing at our centre involves the staff designing specific lessons to teach our expected behaviours to students from our Behaviour Expectations Matrix that is displayed in all classes and around the school.
All students have been explicitly taught our expected behaviour, so classes over the year levels have participated in various hands-on, engaging activities, song and stories to teach this concept. The students are then given specific, positive feedback on their behaviour progress.
The videos below are signing our school PBS behaviour in Auslan. These videos have been developed in collaboration with a native Auslan user from the Deaf Community.

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