Vision Statement

‘We inspire all students in a supportive, culturally responsive environment and encourage opportunities for success’

School Overview

Westminster Education Support Centre is a thriving learning community with an absolute determination to focus on continued improvement in all that we do.

At Westminster ESC we believe that everyone has an integral part to play in ensuring our high standards are met and exceeded time after time.  Ours is a dynamic and vibrant school which provides a rich and relevant curriculum which is responsive to the needs of each individual in a supportive, safe, stimulating and inclusive environment.

At Westminster ESC we believe that all students are capable of learning and achieving individual outcomes.

  • We support students by scaffolding concepts and adapting programs to give them the best opportunities to grow in confidence and to achieve at a level that is developmentally appropriate.
  • Through individualised programs we are able to move the students along their continuum of learning.
  • With encouragement and support, students are able to participate in all learning areas and achieve their individual outcomes.
  • By learning relevant life skills students are enabled to participate and contribute in the wider community with confidence and dignity. 

Our Inclusive Centre was established in 1985 and we have a strong reputation for meeting the needs of our special needs students, both through individual education programs and through integration.  We have air-conditioned classes in a new building within the Primary School grounds and work in close conjunction with the mainstream staff to create an inclusive education environment, the best outcomes for every child. 

We are proud to offer excellent programs which are tailored to the individual needs of every child, so they are able to attain the very best outcomes.

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