Westminster ESC recognises that effective therapy services can strongly contribute to the lives of students and enhance the professional knowledge of our staff. We welcome therapists to conduct therapy on or off site between the hours of 8.40am – 2.45pm however therapeutic programs need to be:

  • clearly linked to and will optimise Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and/or Individual Behaviour Support Plans (IBSP) outcomes for the student and/or will enhance positive educational experiences;
  • implemented in ways that maximise student engagement in educational programs, and
  • carried out at times and in ways that minimise disruption to classrooms.

Before therapy can commence on or offsite parents, therapists and the school will need to complete the documents and read all the information provided below. These include:

  1. Parent/Carer Request Form
  2. Service Schedule-and all legally required documents

This year therapy sessions can be conducted in our Xhub. Each one-hour session will be available for up to 3 therapists to use at the same time. Our schedule times are aligned with the school start and finish times along with student recess and lunch breaks. Based on this we offer the following sessions for appointments in the therapy room: 8.40-9.40, 9.40 - 10.40, 11.10 - 12.10, 12.10 - 1.10, 1.45 - 2.45. Therapists are welcome to request a shorter time within the session, however we cannot accommodate longer sessions or times that are different to the ones above.

Please note that requests for change of dates/ times will not be considered due to tight scheduling of the therapy room and negative effects these changes can have on student routines and classroom timetables. Bookings made will be permanent for the year.

Please email or return forms to our school officer, Brooke Williams at Once all forms are completed and returned the scheduling coordinator Esther Rose will contact you to make a booking. This will be attended to on Wednesdays between 12pm and 3pm only.

Any queries please phone on 9413 5000.

Appendix 1   Parent/Carer Request Form


Appendix 2  Service Schedule

Service_schedule Form.docx

Appendix 3  Information to Parents when seeking external service providers


Appendix 4 Information on 'Request for Service providers' Process and Obligations

Process of Request for Service Providers.pdf



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