Westminster ESC recognises that effective therapy services can strongly contribute to the lives of students and enhance the professional knowledge of our staff. We welcome therapists to conduct therapy on site however therapeutic programs need to be:

  • Clearly linked to and will optimise IEP and/or IBSP outcomes for the student and/or will enhance positive educational experiences;
  • Implemented in ways that maximise student engagement in educational programs and
  • Carried out at times and in ways that minimise disruption to classrooms.

If you wish your child to receive therapy services during school hours you will need to:

  1. Complete Request for Therapy Service During School Hours form and return it to school;
  2. Applications will be assessed by the principal in liaison with the class teacher with reference to the above criteria and be either approved or rejected;
  3. The teacher will then inform the parents/caregivers of the outcome of the application; and
  4. If approved, teachers will liaise with therapists to establish mutually agreeable times for the implementation of therapy.

If therapy is to be conducted at home or at an alternative site during school hours, then please fill in Alternate Attendance Arrangement form.

Appendix 1   Alternate Attendance Arrangement form

Appendix 2   Request for Therapy Service During School Hours form



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